Reflexology Explained

Reflexology is used as a way of maintaining good health and overall wellbeing – it has been used for thousands of years in various cultures around the world. It is a safe, effective and deeply relaxing natural therapy that stimulates your body’s innate ability to heal and balance itself.

Reflexology is based on the principle that every part of your body has corresponding specific reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears. Reflexology treatments involve the gentle stimulation or sedation of these reflex points to trigger your body’s natural abilities of self-healing by stimulating the nerve pathways and unblocking and enhancing the flow of energy. This promotes the restoration of balance in the affected area and helps to create and maintain a healthy, balanced, harmonious state (homeostasis) throughout the body.

Reflexology promotes better functioning of the body’s systems by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, stimulating nerve pathways, relieving congestion, inducing muscle relaxation, and calming the mind.

The effects of reflexology are unique to each person. As reflexology is a holistic treatment – meaning that it treats you as a whole person, not just your symptoms – everyone and anyone can benefit from it. Many people use reflexology as a preventative treatment.

Reflexology is beneficial for: 

  1. Reducing stress and tension                                                  2. Improving circulation
  2. Reducing or relieving pain                                                      4. Revitalising energy
  3. Improving nerve function                                                        6. Digestive issues
  4. Improving elimination of toxins from the body             8. Hormonal imbalances
  5. Anxiety and mild depressive disorders                            10. Sleep disorders 11.Fertility issues

Specific conditions with reported benefits include

. Stress                                                                                         . Chronic back pain

       . Sciatica                                                                                       . Sinusitis

       . IBS                                                                                               . Arthritis

       . PMS                                                                                              . Fibromyalgia

       . Insomnia                                                                                   . Headaches & migraines

       . Asthma                                                                                       . Diabetes

       . Neuropathy                                                                             . Constipation

       . Menopause                                                                                . Infertility

       . PCOS

Our therapists:  Izumi Arita, Gary McLaren and Lynette Mills

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