Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a specialty massage and healing method dating back to ancient times where your therapist uses smooth, heated stones, to massage your body, deeply relaxing your muscles.

For a Hot Stone Massage, your therapist will use the heated stones in two ways. Firstly as placement stones to let the heat radiate into the muscle tissue to soften any tightnesses, and then while this is happening, other heated stones will be used in then therapist’s hands while massaging.

Your therapist can achieve great results working on the pre-heat-softened muscle tissue without you feeling hard or deep pressure being used.

Also your therapist is constantly handling the stones and checking to make sure the heat is appropriate for you. Another wonderful outcome from our Hot Stones Massage treatment, is that you have a very strong sense of letting go, achieving a state of deep relaxation and having time to enjoy a complete rest. (Not suitable for pregnant Mums)

Hot Stone Massage is available at Mosgiel Holistic Centre

Cost: Gary McLaren and Izumi Arita = $105 for 1 hour treatment,  $140 for a 1.5 hour treatment

Lynette Mills (1Hr $115, 1.5Hr $150.00)

Mosgiel Holistic Centre
12 Church Street
03 489 3677