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Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine, one that employs movement of the human body to help restore and maintain normal (or more normal) bodily function, so that the body is more able to ‘help heal itself’ from any stress/trauma/disease it may be exposed to, or develop.

Osteopathy employs a hands-on, holistic approach to the entire body, whereby the cause of the pain is sought after and treated accordingly. Osteopaths are primary health care providers, which means that you don’t need a general practitioner’s referral to see an osteopath.

In New Zealand, osteopaths are university trained in anatomy, physiology, pathology, general medical diagnosis and osteopathic techniques. Osteopaths undergo a five-year full-time course which includes a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology degree (BAppSc(HB)) and a Master of Osteopathy degree (MOst).

Osteopaths are trained to recognise conditions which require medical referral. They work with other registered health professionals including general practitioners, specialists and radiologists to provide the best service to their patients.

In the realm of self-care, Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage stand out as powerful tools for achieving balance and vitality. Whether you seek a moment of serenity or targeted relief from muscle discomfort, these massages offer a pathway to enhanced physical and mental wellness. Consider incorporating regular massage sessions into your routine, and let the healing touch pave the way to a healthier, more relaxed you.

Meet our Osteopath Practitioner

Kesh Sampath

Dr Kesava (Kesh) Sampath

PhD., Registered Osteopath

Kesh  is a New Zealand trained osteopath, with a doctorate from the University of Otago. His PhD thesis explored the role of manual therapy in influencing the neuroendocrine system.

Kesh has more than 14 years of clinical experience as an osteopath in New Zealand and enjoys treating a wide variety of clients.

He works at the Serving Hands Osteopathy, Mosgiel Holistic Centre, Dunedin.