Manual Lymphatic Drainage

exp_human067-1-filteredManual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) increases the circulation of the Lymphatic fluid which also stimulates the blood and the immune system. The Lymphatic System transports lymph fluid carrying waste, toxins and other unwanted substances from the body via the venous system. I always think of the Lymphatic system as the sewage system of the body.

Imagine your lymphatic system, the watershed areas are like the run off of rain from a mountain and the Nodes are the rivers and lakes where the water is collected before being transported to the sea or, in our case, the venous system. By clearing any blockages in the nodes the fluids are better able to be transported around the body.

In Europe, MLD is widely available in Hospitals and Doctors often recommend it for Pre and Post Surgery.

Pre Surgery we recommend 2-5 sessions for optimum results, the last being 24-48 hours prior to surgery. This helps to drain toxins and stimulate immune system and the nervous system. By draining the Lymphatic system before surgery the body is less susceptible to infections post surgery. Surgeons also find it easier to cut through clean, well-drained tissues. I am speaking from personal experience as I had surgery on my hip last year and having MLD the day before my surgery made a huge difference, even my surgeon was impressed.

Post Surgery: The lymphatic vessels are cut during surgery and the watershed pathways and the flow of lymph fluid are interrupted. These will regenerate over time but in the meantime we need to find another pathway for the fluid to follow which is where MLD comes in. There can be quite a lot of swelling and pain after surgery and MLD is very mild and gentle but very effective and will help to move the fluid thereby reducing swelling, clear bruising and minimize scar tissue, speeding up recovery time.   I experienced quite a lot of swelling around my scar, the scar acting like a dam, and by having MLD found that moving the fluid along a different route quickly and effectively reduced the swelling. I had very little pain afterwards.

Again, we suggest 2 sessions a week for the first 2-3 weeks and then weekly until the body is draining freely.

MLD can be used for any areas where swelling occurs. Be it fluid retention, pre/post menstrual sprains, strains, etc.

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