Energy Healing


June 2020: Energy Healing hasn’t resumed yet, but this will be reviewed in spring.
In the meantime if you require this modality please contact Lynette.

The Healing Group was formed to bring together healers with a wealth of experience to facilitate your own body’s capacity to heal itself on both physical and emotional levels.

Our bodies, on a micro level are made up of molecules that vibrate on a range of frequencies. When that vibration is out of kilter we are open to dis-ease. By making a connection with others who have increased and aligned their own vibrational rate your body can tap into this source  of energy and realign its own energies.

It is a completely safe and non-invasive process with surprising results.

The client – that’s you – lies comfortably on a massage table while the Group sit around the table with their hands gently resting either on or alongside you. The Group is then led through a guided healing meditation, while all you are required to do is relax and enjoy.

The Healing Group is non-sectarian and have come together having experienced the power of our own energies and capacity to heal.

Some of the 44 Healers participate in the Monday night healing

The healing energy is not only for those with a physical ailment, it is for everyone; for example: If your body or mind is stressed just by relaxing on the table and receiving the healing energy it allows you and your body to experience how you can feel all the time, thus perhaps motivating you to participate in one of the many courses available to help you to de-stress.

The healing energy will also help you if you are experiencing grief. The possibilities are endless.

The Healers volunteer their time to be of service to you all.

Should you wish to experience this amazing gift please phone Lynette at The Mosgiel Holistic Centre on 489 3677 to book – This is essential. The charge is by way of a $10 Koha or donation to cover costs.