EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

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Practitioner is Hazel Eatwell


Explaining EFT

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a universal aid that is in use worldwide by
practitioners in therapeutic professions as well as the general public. It is a combination of
traditional eastern medical practice and western medical knowledge. The discovery behind the
method is that emotional upsets are the result of an imbalance in the body’s energy system.
EFT is an emotional healing technique which is also capable of dramatically relieving many
physical symptoms. It is based on a revolutionary new discovery that violates most of the
beliefs within conventional psychology. It contends that ‘the cause of all negative emotions is
a disruption in the body’s energy system’. With remarkable consistency (50-90% depending
on experience) EFT relieves symptoms by a seemingly strange (but scientific) routine. EFT
works by tapping with the fingertips on various body locations. This tapping serves to balance
energy meridians which become disrupted when the client thinks about or becomes involved
in an emotionally disturbing circumstance. The actual memory stays the same, but the charge
is gone. Typically, this result is lasting. Cognition often changes in a healthy direction as a
natural consequence of the healing.

How do I describe it?

In essence, EFT is a different version of acupuncture (needles are not used). Instead the
body’s energy system is balanced by tapping with your fingertips on selected stress-relief
points along the energy meridians while speaking – a natural way to focus your mind. It helps
us ‘rewire’ the emotional patterns within so that we are no longer triggered in painful ways. It
is literally ‘emotional freedom’ to feel different, lighter, less burdened by the past, less
susceptible to reacting with painful emotion. EFT helps to obtain freedom from the pain of
negative emotion & injuries, often caused by traumatic events. It empowers people to help
themselves (and others) to be cleared of mental blocks obstructing their growth & potential.
EFT is easy to learn and can be applied to everyone. The technique, used daily, can help
maintain a balanced, stress-free, relaxed mind and body as it replaces emotional distress,
tension and anxiety with peace and tranquillity.

How does it work?

EFT is a meridian energy therapy – just like acupuncture, it works directly on the meridian
system in the body. But instead of needles, you stimulate the major meridian lines by tapping
on them. By analogy, think of the meridians as rivers. Upsets in emotional or physical health
lead to the equivalent of blockages or overflows in the rivers. EFT is a mind/body healing
technique because it combines the physical effects of meridian treatments with the mental
effects of focusing on the pain or problem at the same time. Tapping on the meridian points
sends kinetic energy down the energy system, clearing the blockages and allowing the energy
to flow freely again.

Why Use EFT?

Everyone has their share of disapproving thoughts, self-doubt, traumatic and stressful
experiences. These can disrupt the body’s system and cause limiting, negative emotions. EFT
allows the mind to overcome the blockages that sometimes occur to stop the balancing or flow
of energy. It works to neutralize traumas that keep a person stuck in the past. EFT deals with
emotional issues, stress, anxiety, fears, anger, grief and personal problems in much the same way. These often long-term problems diminish rapidly, and in the vast majority of cases,
disappear altogether.

Where can EFT be used?

EFT helps combat symptoms of many physical illnesses, disease and it quickens healing. Half
the battle in combating illness is our mental state; many illnesses are brought about and/or
exaggerated by our emotional condition. EFT helps people drop years of emotional baggage
that prevent them from fulfilling their potential and being the person they deserve to be! In
addition, people often look and feel younger and healthier as they learn to erase the selfdoubt
and unhappiness from their body. EFT has been found to be effective in a variety of
issues including:

• Anxiety & Panic Attacks • Headaches & Migraines
• Back Pain • Compulsions & Obsessions
• Insomnia • Negative memories
• Pain and symptom management • Physical healing
• Enhancing peak performance (sports,public speaking) • Sexual abuse issues, etc
• Relief of pain, eg, migraine, arthritis, etc • Pre-menstrual Tension (PMT)
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Addictive cravings (food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs) • Allergies
• Anger • Compulsions and obsessions
• Depression and sadness • Dyslexia
• Enhancing self-image • Fears and phobias
• Grief and loss • Guilt

It is safe, gentle, and easy to use, with proven results. The clinical results over the last 15
years have been remarkable, as it frequently provides impressive results and these results are
usually long lasting.

The Techniques are:
• Simple to Learn & Quick • Effective & Lasting
• Easy to Use (on Yourself & Others) • Transportable, Painless & Fun!

1. Does it matter which hand I use? No
2. Can I switch hands and sides while tapping? Yes
3. Can I tap with both hands? Yes
4. How many taps on each spot? 7 is most common, but more is better
5. Does it matter how many fingers I tap with? Two fingers on most points is ideal, but use 4
fingers on the top of the head and under the arm to cover a larger area
6. Is the set-up essential? Not always, but it is safer to include it
7. Will EFT take away natural healthy responses to situations? No
8. How long do treatments last? Usually forever but if new aspects appear, simply repeat
9. Do I have to believe in the treatment for it to work? Absolutely not
10. Do I use the same process for every issue? Yes, changing the statements of course
11. What about intense long term problems? They can be corrected just as quickly
12. How does EFT deal with anxiety and stress? Very well
13. Why does EFT work on physical problems? Most if not all physical issues have emotional
contributors to them
14. Can EFT help with sports performance? Yes, and other performance issues like writer’s block and musical performance