Ear Health

Ear Health Otago South Ltd

At Mosgiel Holistic Centre

Wednesday and Thursday

Elisabeth Nicholson, our regular nurse in Mosgiel
Elisabeth Nicholson, our regular nurse in Mosgiel


Ear Health South has weekly clinics from the Mosgiel Holistic Centre in Church Street, providing microsuction for ears.

Microsuction has been used by Hospital E.N.T Departments and by E.N.T Specialists for some years and is believed to be the safest and healthiest method of clearing the ear of wax and debris. It is a particularly wise treatment for infections and inflammatory conditions such as dermatitis of the ear canal.

Advice is also given on care of the ears and other ear conditions such as eustachian tube dysfunction, glue ear, Surfers and swimmers ear, etc.

Many people are finding access to this treatment in the community very convenient and being able to self refer is a real benefit. Any condition requiring medical treatment is referred to a Doctor or specialist.

Hearing Aid sufferers find ear suction particularly beneficial in maintaining optimum function of their aids. Wearing an aid usually creates a build up of wax and this gradually effects its efficiency.

Suction is a thorough cleaning method and promotes clarity of sound.

Swimmers, Surfers and people exposing their ears to water can develop chronic fungal problems in their ears, which can dramatically reduce hearing and create rapid build up of inflammatory material. This is often associated with narrowing of the canals, inflammation and itch.

Self-treating ears also often causes problems. Washing the ear canal is not recommended and nor is the practise of using cotton buds or hair clips, etc. Fran sees many of the results of these bad habits, such as wax impaction and chronic fungal infections.

Those with skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema often suffer from chronic dry, flaky, itchy ears and regular suction in conjunction with appropriate medication from their Doctor can help alleviate and improve the condition.

Please phone to find out the current price of all treatments.

Treatment is free for War Pensioners with hearing aids.

If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment, phone: on 455 0801 or 0800 550801. Fax 03 455 0809.