Come and see Hazel Eatwell at the Mosgiel Holistic Centre for a BodyTalk treatment (also known sometimes as kinesiology).

The BodyTalk System works on the principal that our bodies have continuing healing mechanisms that maintain our natural state of health. A BodyTalk treatment helps stimulate this innate healing ability provoking the body into a deep and lasting wellness. A BodyTalk practitioner empowers the patient to learn what healthy feels like and so return to its natural state of health.

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Body Talk

I came to Body Talk by chance, if there is such a thing, after escaping an abusive personal and work relationship, feeling almost paper thin with physical weakness and fear. I really did not know what it was or how it worked but muscle testing led Hazel to the root of my physical and mental pain and I was able to visualise, for example, the fear in my adrenals and the grief in my lungs and to let them go. I released memories and messages I had internalised as a small child and Hazel tapped connection and balance into my body systems. After each session I felt a little stronger, a bit more confident, a little less fearful and more able to engage in the world again. Body Talk has helped me find the confidence to embark on a new relationship with a man who is totally respectful of me and to take on a public responsibility that I never imagined I would ever have the courage to accept. From my experience Body Talk offers a totally safe, non-invasive but powerful way to release those limitations that make us sick, restrict our lives and create unhappiness.

J L, Dunedin